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Privacy policy SmogAlarm

Privacy Policy for the SmogAlarm mobile application.

The SmogAlarm mobile application

The SmogAlarm mobile application uses user location data. . This data is used for two purposes:

  1. Widgets - the application determines the nearest station based on the user's location and then displays data from this station on the widget. The user thus has the most up-to-date information on the air quality in his surroundings. The app is collecting data when the app is closed, it is being used on the background.
  2. Notification - the application determines the nearest station to the user's position and the concentrations of pollutants are then monitored for this station. If the limits, set by the user, are exceeded, a push notification about the status change is sent. The user is thus immediately informed if the air quality in his surroundings deteriorates.

Location data is not stored anywhere and its use is anonymous, without any connection to the user. Only the information about the nearest station for the given device is temporarily stored (this information is also stored anonymously). 

A list of all the features that use location in the background:

  • notification (when the location or air quality is changed)
  • widget (updated according to the location of device)